Our approach

Firstly, we improve conversion by taking the time to listen to website owners and stakeholders. Once we understand the business objectives, we can then build a CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) strategy.

We then review the user interface and perform a full CRO audit. We look at items like page load speeds, mobile UX, page hierarchy, calls-to-action, font choices and colours etc.

We also use our technical expertise to look past the surface of your application. Using a combination of data, experience and tools, we can resolve conversion problems which are not easy to spot.

What we do

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CRO Audits and Strategy

We audit user journeys and digital experiences. We then collaboratively work with website owners and stakeholders to build a tailored 6 or 12 month CRO strategy. We keep our clients updated with monthly reports, and we are always happy to talk.

Increase sales and improve conversion

Our work will produce better digital experiences and happier customers, whilst never losing sight of the business objectives of our clients.

Conversion Development

Our web designers and developers fine-tune user journeys. We have the expertise to technically and strategically change existing code bases to increase conversion on your digital platforms.

Data Anaylsis (Inc. Google Analytics)

Data plays a pivotal role across all of our services. For CRO, we use data to help form our strategy, test our ideas and validate our decisions.

User Experience (UX) Consultancy

We can integrate and collaboratively work with your internal team - passing on insights and working together to improve your organisation.

User testing and surveys

We listen to your users and collate data from UX tools, test labs and surveys. We use this data and our expertise to create meaningful actions and improvements.

Split and Multivariate testing

There are multiple ways to achieve a goal. To work out the best way, we conduct live controlled tests with your user base. We then analyse the data to find out which they prefer. Whichever performs best, stays live.

Fine-tuning digital experiences.

Increase sales and improve conversion.

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Stamford Digital is a digital agency founded to make digital better. We offer a range of services with a strong focus on website and mobile app development. Organisations evolve and grow with us as we improve their digital strategy, conversion and products.

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