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Mick George

Client Description
Mick George Group is one of the leading suppliers to the construction industry in the heart of East Anglia and East Midlands.
Construction / Environmental / Waste Management
Create a bespoke mobile app and administration platform.
Bespoke API Development
Mobile App Development
Web Development


Mick George approached us to create an Android app that would be used on-site by company employees only.

The app was required to fulfil these primary requirements:

  1. Allow users to be able to grade waste on-site in remote locations
  2. Allow users to record line activity across different sites within their organisation

The app was for internal use only, however, it still needed authentication functionality (i.e. user accounts, login etc), so that the system would keep a record of who was recording what information and when.

This information needed to be sent to a back-office system where the team at the head office could run reports and analyse the data.

Our Approach

With larger projects like this, we always start with the data.

We studied the requirements carefully and considered all the different pieces of data that needed to be recorded. We also thought about how each of these pieces of data related to each other.

With a good understanding of the data, we were able to move on and start planning and creating the database/model structure to support it.

Once the database/model, we moved on to creating a custom-built API.

An API (Application Programming Interface) is a layer that allows for two or more computer programs to communicate with each other.

We built an API that allowed the mobile app to communicate and record information in the database.

We also built bespoke functionality to allow the back-office system to be able to run reports etc.

We wanted to make both the app and back-office system intuitive to make the onboarding process for employees as quick and easy as possible.

The app went through a wireframing and design process prior to a single line of code being written.

Project stakeholders of the company were regularly given updates, and a preview version of the app and back-office system was also made available prior to the final solution going live.

On this project, we were particularly proud of how the app effortlessly handled not being connected to the internet.

The app allowed Mick George’s team members to be able to get on with their jobs regardless of being in a remote location.

The Results

We delivered a solution that utilised Mick George’s distinctive brand throughout.

The intuitive user interface (UI) of the app is able to automatically adapt for both Android mobile and tablet devices.

Those of us who have worked on IT or software projects will know that it is unusual for a new solution to go live with no technical issues.

However, we are very proud to say that this solution went live with no technical problems whatsoever – and received praise from both the Mick George development team and directors.

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