Should we be exploring alternatives to the biggest professional social networking platform in the world?

Just like Facebook sits in the number one spot as the largest social media platform there currently is, LinkedIn is also at the top of its game – boasting over 500 million users. This is what makes it so attractive to professionals who are looking to network via its app or website.

It is the perfect place to build connections – starting with putting together your very own professional identity online by creating a profile. You can then use this platform to engage with other professionals, as well as seeking opportunities.

But what else is out there? Most of us use a variety of social media platforms alongside Facebook, like Instagram or Snapchat, so why not do the same on a professional level? We’ve taken a look at three alternatives to LinkedIn – each offering you a different type of functionality.


This is the Tinder of the professional networking world. It’s simple, fast – and easy to use on the go. The app service, although available on web browser too, is free to download.

Once you’ve signed up, it gives you 10 to 15 daily suggestions for potential connections. These are based on interests, your location as well as your professional experience. Then, similar to the dating app, you swipe right to connect with a professional – or left if you’d rather not. Once you get a match, you can then chat with each other and move forward from there. Easy.

Shapr, founded in 2015, makes connecting with other professionals quicker and far easier.


The AngelList website, which has been around for almost a decade now, is geared towards those involved or interested in ‘start-up’ businesses.

You can use it to find a start-up job or to recruit employees. You can also use it to raise money for your own start-up or to invest in someone else’s.

With it having a precise focus, it sets itself apart from the other professional networking platforms. This is probably why it is one of the most popular LinkedIn alternatives.


This is another great alternative which focuses on making real-life connections locally.

If you want to meet like-minded people near you, whether it’s for professional purposes or to find others who are interested in the same hobbies, then you need to sign up. You can use Meetup to join or create groups, as well as attending or hosting events – for almost any topic or interest.

Meetup, created in 2002, boasts more than 44 million users worldwide. You can use it either by downloading the app or visiting the website.

But you can’t beat the best

Although these alternatives are great in their own right, we still believe LinkedIn is the best social platform for business.

It’s well-established within the business circles, has a massive user base which is simply unrivalled and also offers fantastic advertising features.

However, despite this, it’s always worth checking out other options – because you never know where they may lead. It’s worth exploring any path which could potentially boost your networking power to help build your business.