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WordPress Websites

We design, develop and support
WordPress websites

WordPress powers over 34% of the web. It scales well too, with large corporations adopting the tool to allow their content and marketing teams to be able to schedule or update their websites quickly with ease.

Theme Design

There are thousands of WordPress themes on the web. However, your organisation is unique - and your website should be too.

We can design and develop WordPress themes from scratch. This means we can deliver a truly-tailored user experience which matches the values and branding of your company/organisation.

Minimalist Approach to Plugins

WordPress Plugins can be really useful - but choosing the wrong ones or having an over-zealous approach to them can hinder a company from improving their website. In more serious cases it can affect the overall security of the website too.

This is why we take a minimalist approach to plugins. One of the advantages of choosing us is that we can develop bespoke code within WordPress to fill any business objectives and requirements.

High performance

Today, users expect to be able to access information and complete tasks quickly and effectively.

The speed of a website not only delivers a better user experience for your customers but it also helps increase goal conversion.

We can help maximise the technical performance of your WordPress website, as well as giving your staff the training required to ensure your site’s speed.

WordPress Updates and Support

We can help you stay on top of your WordPress updates and provide on-going support as your website evolves over time

It saves our clients time, and reduces their stress levels knowing that we test and implement updates to WordPress and any connected plug-ins.

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Stamford Digital's broad skill set enabled me to improve my website through functionality, SEO and customer usability as well as launch successful social media campaigns. They explain complex, technical solutions clearly and simply and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending them to anyone."

Paul Kneen, CreativeFolk, Stamford

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